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Archivo 167728994746.png - ( 975.20 KB , 1920x1080 , 2023-02-24.png [iqdb] )
1273 No. 1273
there's got to be videos out there of Gorgeous amateur teen girls 18 to 19 years old who are no taller than 5'2" who always dress in comfy cutesy clothing that like being barefoot (to add to their cute cuddly appearance and to always make sure that their tiny feet are clean, clean smelling, pampered and incredibly soft) and love it when the god ugly Black, Turkish, Arab and Indian man who's going full animal wild on her during sex can't resist seeing her perfect small white size 3 feet and the natural perfume scent coming off them and can't take it any longer and has to pull it out of their tight little pussy and start sucking licking and fucking her feet.

some of you here must have seen videos like this before by now.
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>> No. 1274
Aquí no hacemos eso
>the natural perfume scent
Ah si, la totalmente natural y orgánica colonia olor soylent microplastico extretada por el cuerpo humano
>> No. 1275
you do know that the body can smell of whatever sent has been rubbed onto it whether that be skin cream or perfume and there are girls known to do this, put a very very small amount of perfume on their feet, I think it's mainly a French thing but girls from America have been know to do it as well

sabes que el cuerpo puede oler a lo que sea que se haya frotado, ya sea crema para la piel o perfume, y se sabe que hay chicas que hacen esto, se ponen una cantidad muy pequeña de perfume en los pies, creo que es principalmente un francés cosa, pero las chicas de Estados Unidos también lo han hecho.
>> No. 1276
Archivo 167729693067.jpg - ( 24.65 KB , 400x400 , lying whore.jpg [iqdb] )
Got it, next time I go eat kebab I'll tell the owner the kebab smell he's impregnated with from cooking all day is natural and he's brave and stunning and shouldn't be ashamed of his natural kebab smell
>> No. 1277
lol okay?!?!

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